What is roleplay?

A simple definition: Thinking and acting fully as a fictional character.
Try to be your character, even if your character has a totally different personality as you have, it gives more fun than hardship.

Why even roleplay?

It is quite normal for you to think now that roleplay is strange and that you cannot imagine why people would even want to roleplay. That reason is actually different for each person. I myself have always thought that living in a medieval world would be great and living in a fantasy world like the famous World of Warcraft sounded even better. For this reason I got in love with roleplay when I did it for the first time.

But like I said everyone has different reasons, some might like it as a simple recreation and yes, there are some that even try to escape from their own lives by roleplaying.
If you really want to understand why roleplay is fun, then why do not you try it yourself once?

Common terms

OOC = Out Of character, basically means that you are not playing as your character anymore, you are “out of your character”.
IC = In Character, kind of like the opposite of OOC. This means that you are playing as your character and are actually roleplaying or ready to do so.
BIC = Back In Character, this means that you are back into your character after you have token a break.


  • Try to write every word out full. So no more ‘lol’, ‘w8 4 me’, etc. Also do not use emoticons like :).

  • Make full proper sentences, use capital letters in the right places, use dots, etc.

  • Do not worry about not being good at spelling. You will get better the more you roleplay.

  • When you are forced to say something OOC then place your message between (( and )). Please try to talk OOC at a minimum as this might easily break the roleplay feeling.

  • Knowing the background of your race can greatly help in the roleplay. Wowwiki.com is a great website where you can easily find for specific lore.

  • Do not go saying things that your character has no way of knowing. Doing so is called meta-gaming and is not appreciated by roleplayers.

  • Try to walk at times instead of running. For example you do not run around the city non-stop. I cannot imagine that your character would be in such a hurry all the time.

  • Ignore the non-RP aspects of the world. If someone gets disconnected, do not try to roleplay around it, just wait for them to re-appear and continue from where you left. Unless you have got a good explanation for why you are standing there talking to someone without bits dropping off. “Yeah, I died three times trying to get in there” is not a useful sentence.

  • Have a name that fits with your characters, race, etc. If you are desperate, use a name generator.

  • Do not roleplay overpowered characters. No one likes to roleplay with you that way. There is only one exception: That is if you can back it up with a perfect storyline. For example I have roleplayed a while with a guy who played as an Ancient in World of warcraft, which was awesome. Only do not try this if you are not experienced with roleplay, it is hard.

  • In World of Warcraft you can type /me [message] and it will appear as an emoted text. For example if you are called Moirin and you type “/me walks slowly forward to the Inn while looking amazed at the surrounding architecture” will come out as “Moirin walks slowly forward to the Inn while looking amazed at the surrounding architecture.”

  • You do not need a background story immediately. You can just play your character and make up a story along the way.

Where to roleplay?

Roleplay as a recreation most likely started at simple pen-and-paper roleplay with the famous Dungeons and Dragons (DnD), which I want to try out sometime. Since a while though, there have been a lot of Roleplaying Games (RPG) of which a lot, like World of Warcraft, are online versions also called Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG) in which roleplay is easily possible.

I started roleplaying in World of Warcraft, which I still do. A great server to play would be Project Eden.

Besides these MMORPG's there also exists Online Text-Based Roleplaying Games (OTBRPG), which are for a part known as forum roleplay.

Lastly there is also something called Live Action Roleplay, commonly revered to as LARP.

As the name says, in a LARP people gather at events to roleplay in the real world, but with a fictional setting. The theme can be anything.
Some LARP events have a Lord of the Rings setting, while others might have an Star Wars setting.
Many have a custom setting, but are for a big part in a medieval, fantasy setting.


Roughly said, alignments are good and evil. But there is a lot between the two.
Most roleplayers use the following alignments:

Lawful Good

The best of the best. The lawful good character acts on the side of goodness, righteousness and order. The warrior who is beholden to a lord or a church, the priest dedicated to healing the wretched - anyone who cannot stand by while others suffer. They will chase evil to the end of the world.

Lawful Neutral

The hater of chaos, a lawful neutral character will stick to the law, whether it is their personal code of rules, their king's, or their religion's. This character finds chaos as horrible as evil and will not bend their personal guidelines even to help another if it would contribute to chaos.

Lawful Evil

A being who gains power through methodically destroying others is lawful evil. Power comes through order, but one can be orderly about slaughtering innocents. Tradition is important, but goodness is not.

Chaotic Good

The hero of the downtrodden, the chaotic good character cares not for laws and order but only for doing good. If they must break the law to help others, they will do so without hesitation. This character will steal to feed a poor family or stand up to their own master to defend a falsely accused servant.

Chaotic Neutral

The true individual, the chaotic neutral character prizes their own freedom above all else. They do not want ties to either good or evil to influence them, preferring to make their own way as they see fit.

Chaotic Evil

With the drive of pure hatred, the chaotic evil character will do whatever they can to achieve their goals. They are bound by no laws, no master and no compassion. While unlikely to run down the street slaying innocents (chaotic evil does not mean stupid), this character would have no regrets about doing so.

Neutral Good

Ultimately a giver, the neutral good character will do what they can to help, working within law or chaos, but ultimately they prefer their own counsel.

True Neutral

A middle-of-the-road character, a neutral character finds it difficult to fit into any other distinction. They do what seems to be a good idea, whether it flows with law or chaos, good or evil. Often a follower, and at times great leaders, they will rarely go against the group.

Neutral Evil

A neutral evil character serves only their own needs or ends. They follow no law but also have no drive toward chaos. Theys kill or steal as they see fit to get what they want.

Remember though, that actually no one is truly evil. For example a Neutral Evil character can think of Lawful Good as evil people or an undead who is convinced that all human beings are evil and deserve extinction.
So each person has his own definition of good and evil.