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stip on 21-01-2010:


Nathriel on 28-12-2009:

I know what you mean with that it is hard to explain what roleplay is like to someone who has never done it before. That is why I am encouraging them to do it at least once to get a taste of it.

I looked at the forum, but I can't seem to find any solid information. There is no explanation of what the forum actually is for. If there is one, it is well hidden. As far as i could see there were some story's and diferent games idea's that could be posted, but that was all as I could find out.

The way information is presented to the visitors also plays a major part in the understanding (which will increase with the upcoming update).

clearer on 26-12-2009:

You should look up Forge if you want to read up on RPing -- I haven't read any of it myself, but friends of mine tell me they have some pretty solid RP theory going on. The forum can be found at -- I personally don't do anything like what you're doing because I don't think it's possible to give a good introduction to newcommers (again, not discouraging -- if you can do it, please do), partly because I see RPing as something that's about as subjective as it can be and thus is extremly hard to describe to someone who hasn't tried it. It seems to me like describeing colour to someone who was born blind (with no other comparison intended).

Nathriel on 22-12-2009:

First of all, thanks for giving me some advice.

About the alignment, I realized were it was based on afterwards, but I have learned it in WoW with those alignments, so that's why I have it like that.
I am already half thinking about changing it, but I am working on some more important things right now, which should be added somewhere this Christmas.

I made this website partly as a learning project and because I wanted to have my own website. The subject of roleplay came around when I decided that I wanted to introduce people to the basis of roleplay and it turned out like this.

But as I said, things will be changed and so will the alignment aspect probably.
If you have any advice or would like to help with something, please go ahead.

clearer on 22-12-2009:

I'd like to note that the allignment theory you post is based entirely on Dungeons and Dragons and personally I have never seen it in other games. Having said that, the D&D definitions are objective and people who are Evil are truely objectively Evil and they know that they are so -- the same applies to all the other types of alignment.

I'm not going to discourage you from doing this, but having a site that tries to help introduce people to RPing, you should try to know more about the theory of RPing rather than just base it on what WoW and D&D does. There is a rich field of study and some Universities around the world are actually offering courses on the topic.

clearer on 22-12-2009:

Uhmm... like.. where's the pizza.. menu.. thing.. or whatever...

Nathriel on 24-06-2009:

Hmmm, that might indeed be a good idea. I think I will add a box to the characterform that allows you to hide your character from the list if selected.

Ganonmaster on 23-06-2009:

Here's an idea: how about a feature to disable the listing of your character for a short period of time? Let's say: saving as a draft so it doesn't get displayed until you publish it?

Nathriel on 16-06-2009:

I had seen that doubled message and deleted the duplicate.

About posting a picture, it is not finished yet, but I exadentally uploaded my version with that field there.

When it is finished, you are able to brows to the picture on your local harddrive.

yamakoto on 14-06-2009:

How do I upload a picture to my character ?

theone11 on 02-06-2009:

Ok first i would like to say that the picture is a great idea. But i personally find the font a bit too small and you poste the picture update two times. Thats like all the only problem for me is that i will have to draw my fallen angel Apollonir because you enabled it :D

Nathriel on 22-05-2009:

I was able to set it to sort it on Last update by default, since I though that was the most important one.
I am not able to fix the problem with the name column, since I have no idea where the problem lies.

Nathriel on 21-05-2009:

Yea, I know what you mean. I also noticed that problem, it just seems he doesn't sort that one out as it should. I have to look into that some more to find out where the problem lies.

An other thing that I hope to add to it is that when sort some column, it will sort from newest to oldest first instead of vice versa.

theone11 on 21-05-2009:

The new update is good, but one thing. Did you want to make it that the oldest characters are the first on the list and the new on the bottom ? Because i have "Moirin, Serothos and Minerva" on the top of the list and "Lycanu, Holyheal, Bustera, SVB" on the bottom.

Nathriel on 14-05-2009:

The only thing the characters list now needs is a way to order the list on last comment. I know what I want to do, I just don't know how yet.
As soon as I have found that out, that will be possible too.

Nathriel on 14-05-2009:

Ah thanks for that, I will fix that tommorow right away. I was not sure if I spelled that right, but when I googled it, it didn't said it was a wrong word. But I should have used a more reliable resource for that, I know.
Good thing you like the new order it is in now. Seems like I am not the only one who likes this new version.

theone11 on 14-05-2009:

One thing about your new update: its reCently not reSently. Otherwise a good update everything is easy to find in you table.

Nathriel on 11-05-2009:

Good too hear, but it was working for a few days already, though.

theone11 on 11-05-2009:

Ow wow i just tried to update my char with a simple a and it worked. :) Thx for fixing.

theone11 on 11-05-2009:

Sorry i was not addressing you but the guy that wrote that.

Nathriel on 10-05-2009:

That was not me, but since this is a guestbook, I think I will keep that post here.

theone11 on 10-05-2009:

Ehm could you explain what did that mean ? Or was it just another spam here ?

test on 10-05-2009:


Nathriel on 05-05-2009:

Yea I have noticed that problem, I had posted a note of that on the character creation page and the control panel but I seem to have deleted that sometime by accident.
The problem is that I have no idea what causes this because I had deleted the automatic logout after a certain idle time.

theone11 on 05-05-2009:

I found a problem that really annoyed me. I was writing the story of Apollonir. I wrote a relatively long part and clicked on submit. Then i got a message that i have to login or register, but i was still logged in. i tried to re-log but the problem persists. Please fix it. I now have to cool myself because im really angry that i have to write the story again.

Nathriel on 05-05-2009:

Hax, I don't mind you telling me of a problem on a page, but please refrain from spamming here.

Nathriel on 30-04-2009:

Ok, it is fixed now. It was a minor stupid scripting mistake of mine.

Nathriel on 30-04-2009:

Hmm, yea I see it now too. Don't know what happed actually, but I will look into it right away. Thanks for telling me.

krios on 30-04-2009:

Is it fixable somehow? I decided to upload the first part of my story soon...

krios on 30-04-2009:

Hmmm, something happened, I clicked on control-panel and it gave me this: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CLASS in /usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/ on line 22

Nathriel on 29-04-2009:

At the moment, a few. And with that I really mean a few. You and theone11 are the most active ones. But this website is just running for not more as four weeks, so that is kind of normal.

krios on 29-04-2009:

So... How many people are actually on this site?

Nathriel on 21-04-2009:

Yea, I have posted on the forum what is going on there.

theone11 on 21-04-2009:

Ok they are gone now.

theone11 on 21-04-2009:

I just added another story to the site and noticed a few things. In the news you said that you fixed the unwantec backslahses (/) but there are still in my new story. But perhaps you just have to fix that just in my story. The second one is taht it would be nice if you would make the amount of time until an automatic logout longer because i just wrote my long story and i wanted to send it and i got the "You must login in order to create a character" site. I nearly got a heart attack but luckily i was copying my story to a notepad while writing it. So it would be really nice if you would make the time a little bit longer. Thanks in advance. Also posted on

Nathriel on 21-04-2009:

I cleaned the guestbook up a little since most of it was more like a chatbox about fixing the site and the were not relevant anymore.

Nathriel on 20-04-2009:

Ok, now you really can only rate one time for each character.
I have no idea how, but somehow I probably deleted script part that checked that.
But anyway, it is fixed now.

Oh and next time you test such a thing, don't mass vote like you did. There were at least 20 votes of you in there. xD

Nathriel on 18-04-2009:

Weird... That is something I should look into, but at the moment I have no idea why you would be able to, because I can only vote 1x myself.

stip on 17-04-2009:

note: you can only vote 1 time per character

I can vote as many times as i want =D
Sorry to keep bothering you, but i just like giving feedback so your site will get better and better^^

stip on 17-04-2009:

i also noticed that when you roll over the "what is roleplay" button, a small light-red dot appears on the dark red line below it..

as you can see here:

thought you might want to fix that^^

stip on 16-04-2009:

hoi mark =D