Recent fixesPosted on 28-01-2010 by Nathriel

I have fixed the login problem.
If you donīt put www. in the URL you get redirected to and thus the login problem wonīt occur anymore.

I have also fixed a problem wth showing the latest comment. As of now it really does show the latest one.

Website makeoverPosted on 03-01-2010 by Nathriel

As you can see I have put the website in a makeover.

I redesigned the whole layout and made improvements in a few places.

There are a few things I want to point out:
- if you have no "www." in your URL you can't login. This is an issue I am still working on. If you put www. in front of it, it will work.
- I temporarily removed the rating system. Current ratings are still shown, but at the moment you can't give new ratings. This is because I am still working on an improved version.

Please feel free to tell me what you think about it.
Because the new design is still undergoing a testing phase, there can still be more bugs lurking around that I haven't found myself yet. Please inform me about them, so i can fix them.

Back from vacationPosted on 15-08-2009 by Nathriel

For the past 2 weeks I was on vacation, but now I am back and will go back to my duty.

Adding a picturePosted on 18-06-2009 by Nathriel

To add a picture you should give enter a valid URL which links to a online picture.
In the future you will be able to upload an picture that is located on your PC, but that is not finished yet.

Sorting error solvedPosted on 16-06-2009 by Nathriel

I just solved an error in the automatic sorting of the characters table. It was not able to sort correctly on the month names and thus it had put the newest characters somewhere in the middle of the table.

Search pagePosted on 12-06-2009 by Nathriel

With the help of google I added a search page. The look of the buttons are temporary. They will get a normal button soon.
I also added an google ad underneath the character list.

Deleted a few charactersPosted on 07-06-2009 by Nathriel

Since I though the time had come, I have deleted a few characters of which I though that they shouldn't be there.

If one of you comes, wanting to edit your character only to see he has been deleted, contact me and I will bring the character back.

New fuctionPosted on 02-06-2009 by Nathriel

A new fuction has been added. A picture.
You can now add a picture to your character by filling in the path leading to the picture at the control-panel.
Of course you can also add a picture when you first create a character.


UpdatesPosted on 29-05-2009 by Nathriel

Again, I updated a lot of things. Some of them are related to the database and some are design-related updates like the font size.
If you have anything to say about the website, feel free to contact me.
For those who are more into webdevelopment, I updated to mysql Improved and converted the font size from pixels to em. There are more changes, but if I list them all here, this post will become much too large.

IE fixesPosted on 28-05-2009 by Nathriel

There were some problem with IE like messing up the borders in the characterlist and not correctly centering the content.
Most of these things are fixed now.

If you find any problems, please contact me.

Character list update finished upPosted on 19-05-2009 by Nathriel

As the title says, I finished up the character list.
This will mean that you can now sort properly on Last update and Last comment.
The date and time is also displayed differently. I kind of like more.

Again, I would like to hear your opinions, so please tell me what you think in the guestbook or through the contact page.

Character list updatePosted on 18-05-2009 by Nathriel

Once again, I did an update on the character list, featuring:
- Sortable columns. You can now click on a column name to sort it.
- Multiple pages. By default it shows only 5 characters. You can navigate dinamicly through all the pages. You can also set how much characters it shows per page.
- Merged the recently updated and made into one since they conflicted with the sorting.

Sorting on Last Update and Last Comment does not work quite like it should, which will be fixed in the near future.

Please tell me what you think and enjoy!

Major updatePosted on 14-05-2009 by Nathriel

I updated quite a few things.
- A fixed and better organized character list.
- Better control on validating forms
And some other smaller things.

Character list IEPosted on 11-05-2009 by Nathriel

I made a fix for the character list since IE didn't created the borders like I wanted to.